Remedios Varo: Los Amantes (1960)


Psychotherapy is a form of regular psychological help with problems that are not just consequences of a single extreme challenging life situations but seem to be a repetitive patterns of behavior in different circumstances brought by life. It is a process of self-exploration aimed at changing one’s experience of oneself and of the world. The process of psychotherapy takes place in regular meetings once or more times a week. During the sessions patient talks about his actual problems in the context of everyday life experiences, its past and future, in the search for its meaning and resolution. The conversation may include emotional reactions towards the discussed content, imaginations and fantasies, including patient’s dreams. Different kinds of creative means may also be used, such as writing, drawing, as well as other artistic activities. All of them are spontaneous expressions of psyche. In my office the patient can also make use of Sandtray.

My experience in adult psychotherapy includes:

  • depression
  • neuroses
  • relational problems
  • difficulties with acculturation
  • crises situations in personal and professional life
  • anxiety disorders
  • eating disorders
  • psychotic disorders (if in remission and under simultaneous psychiatric care)
  • personality disorders
  • traumatic experiences: loss, abuse, early traumas
  • personality development

 The process of psychotherapy begins with consultation sessions, to identify individual needs of the patient, therapeutic goals and thus to define mutual agreement as to the nature an scope of the work. Such consultations are meant to make an acquaintance and for the mutual reflection towards the decision of starting psychotherapy, based on the recognition of patient’s psychological situation.